Wyze Vape Juice Review

Wyze Vape Juice Review

Wyze Vape Juice

I recently started vaping, so naturally I am searching for the perfect e-juice to satisfy my tobacco cravings. I’ve tried a few flavors, but hadn’t found any that really stood out. Then I discovered Wyze vape juice, and I fell in love. I decided to try it because I liked the bottle and the fact that it is made in America. I keep using it because I love it.

Perfect for Dripping

Wyze vape juice is perfect for dripping. I ordered the Talon in 3mg nicotine strength. I wondered if it would be strong enough, but those concerns went away quickly when I started vaping with it. The 70% vegetable glycerin blend gives it a good throat hit and flavor. The vapor was awesome. I love the clouds I get with Wyze.

Cool Bottles

I know this isn’t the most important aspect of purchasing an e-liquid, but the blue owl on the bottle was so cool. Plus the name Talon sounds like some kind of awesome macho super hero. 

Tobacco+Sweet = Perfection

Since I just stopped smoking, I crave the taste of tobacco. At the same time, I enjoy the sweet flavors that I can now choose from. For me, Talon was the perfect blend of tobacco and sweetness. It tastes like breakfast. Cereal, oatmeal, and pancakes with syrup come to mind. The flavor is perfectly balanced with that of tobacco. It is smooth, and the flavor is good but not overwhelming. Talon Wyze vape juice has become my new favorite all-day vape. It’s smooth, mildly sweet, and it doesn’t leave an aftertaste. My only complaint is the smell makes me want pancakes! 

Cold Trill for Dessert

While Talon is by far my favorite everyday vape, Cold Trill is perfect when I have a craving for something a little sweeter. The flavors of New York Cheesecake, graham cracker crust, and strawberry blend perfectly to create a deliciously satisfying vape. It is served “chilled,” which gives it a hint of a cool mint. This sweet and creamy treat is subtle and lingers on the tongue. It is a very well balanced, well thought-out flavor. It is sweet enough to be a great dessert vape, but mild enough to be a great all-day vape as well.

These are my two new favorite flavors, but don’t take my word for it. Try them for yourself and see what you’ve been missing!

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