Wotofo Lush Authentic RDA Review

Wotofo Lush Authentic RDA Review

Wotofo is making yet another impact on the low-price vaping market, bringing entry level cloud chasers into the fold with the new Lush Authentic RDA. Wotofo has been setting the bar high with extremely detailed manufacturing practices that ensure each and every device is dependable and high quality. In addition, each device is serialized and comes with an authenticity certificate to prove its worth. Wotofo Lush Authentic RDA

Air Flow

The Lush RDA features the absolute best in versatile air flow options with 12 AFC holes and a stepped airflow monitoring design. Wotofo’s innovative offset design forces air into a vortex, improving the vape experience for the user. In addition, their 8mm e-juice well is on par with RDAs in higher price point categories.


The 510 compatible top cap is perfectly machined to fit snugly with a silver plated and adjustable center pin, a feature most often seen on more expensive designs. Another favorite is the four-post design with large-bored holes that allow for thicker wires where other RDAs have not left enough room in the past. The negative post is milled directly into the cap so it will never suffer from loss of conductivity over time. 

Design & ColorsWotofo Lush Authentic RDA in muktiple colors

Wotofo leaves nothing to chance with the Lush RDA, including both a Delrin wide bore drip tip and a 510 drip tip and adapter in their package, along with extra O-rings and a small multi-tool designed just for this device. The sturdy construction is augmented by five traditional and stand-out colors, as well as five “Splash” patterned color designs. It is a simple device to build on and provides consistent flavor every time you use it. 

Price Point

At a price point under $30, the Lush RDA stands out among competitors as a great device for newcomers who want to have a lot of options in their build, while still getting a really well-designed piece. It is an introductory RDA that makes the most of Wotofo’s upscale engineering already popular among their other models.

There are plenty of clouds to be had and an amazing reliability that few other devices share. The Lush RDA was really designed with the beginner in mind, making it easy to work with and easy to learn from as you go. That said, even long time vapers can appreciate the simplicity and straightforward thought that went into the making of this fine device. 

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  • mitchell runions says:

    i just got a stainless lush yesterday from a friend,and i have to say i love it. good air flow and performance. good job!!!

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