Wismec Theorem RTA Kit Review

Wismec Theorem RTA Kit Review

Wismec Theorem RTA

Unquestionably, the better the atomizer, the better the vape experience, and that’s what I like most about the new Wismec Theorem RTA. It  is also the coolest-looking atomizer I’ve had the pleasure to use.

All the action occurs in your choice of stainless steel or glass, Genesis-style tank, with stylish O-rings and a highly advanced atomizing mechanism. The result is one of the cleanest, best-tasting, and most efficient atomizers on the market.

Let’s examine some of its best features.  

Glass or Stainless Steel

The Wismec Theorem’s tank is available in sanitary, sturdy, and cool-looking glass or stainless steel. I prefer the glass tank, which includes optional colored O-rings that really make it one of the most stylish vape tanks on the market. All of the stainless steel internals are visible, and I can see the atomizer in action every time I take another delicious pull.

Those who prefer stainless steel benefit from its polished surface and sturdy construction, with some stylish accents. Whether choosing the stainless steel or glass tank, the Wismec Theorem is absolutely cool-looking, efficient, and 100 percent effective. It’s also really easy to take apart and clean, which is very important.

Controlled Airflow

The Wismec Theorem RTA lets me control the airflow with a gentle twist of an easy-to-use airflow ring that I can adjust to get the best drag and atomizing effect. A gentle turn clockwise opens it up and increases airflow, while a counter-clockwise turn slows down the airflow. I can adjust to exactly my preference and get the best flavor and maximum value from my favorite vape juice products.

Top Liquid Fill

Another cool feature that I like about the Theorem RTA is its top-fill function. I just take off the airflow cap and juice plug to reach the fill port, and the new Wismec Theorem turns into one of the easiest-to-fill atomizers on the market. I don’t waste any of my vape juice, and refilling won’t disrupt my airflow settings.

Rebuildable Notch Coils

The Wismec Theorem RTA is equipped with notch coil with cotton that I can use to adjust to my preference. The rollable heating coil makes it very easy to use the right amount of cotton prior to filling the Theorem’s top-fill tank. This allows me to get exactly the perfect coil-to-cotton effect when taking a pull. The burn is exactly the way I like it for maximum flavor, and without wasting any of the atomized vapor.

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