Volcano E-Cigs Magma Kit E-Cig Starter Kit Review

Volcano E-Cigs Magma Kit E-Cig Starter Kit Review

Volcano E-Cigs Magma Starter Kit

My boyfriend recently got me the Volcano E-Cigs Magma E-Cigs kit as a birthday gift. Being concerned about my smoking, but knowing how much I loved smoking and the look and feel of real cigarettes he got me this kit on purpose.


Right down to the packaging this kit rocks. The packaging looks like a traditional hard-pack of cigarettes, something I appreciated. And the e-cigs themselves are dead ringers for the real deal. With the Magma being so similar to a real cigarette it made switching over to vaping that much easier. Holding the e-cig in my fingers feels just like holding my old, traditional smokes.

Volcano MAGMA Starter Kit

Battery life

So far I am finding I get about a half day out of the battery life if I vape a lot. Since I was already trying to cut down, I see I can go a full day with the Magma without having to recharge the battery, something I like because I am always forgetting to plug things in or bring chargers with me.


It is really easy to fill the Magma with E-liquid flavors. Simply unscrewing the top cartridge exposes the chamber where the flavors and liquids are added. I haven’t had any drips or spillage yet and I am not the handiest of girls. I like I can also buy other top cartridges in different colors, so I can actually match my cigarette with the outfit I am wearing, making the Magma not only a solid vaping choice, but one that I can accessorize with my wardrobe, this is a definite plus.


The kit comes with 2 packs of 5 different cartomizers along with liquid. I figured this was about the same as if I smoked 2 ½ packs of regular smokes and gave me an idea of how much liquid I would need to buy to keep me going through the week. A blank and empty cartomizer comes with the kit too so I can choose any flavor I want and fill the e-cigarette to my tastes, depending on what I’m in the mood for that day.

Volcano MAGMA Starter Kit


My official Volcanoe E-Cigs Magma Kit Starter review is nothing but positive because of the near perfect imitation of my old traditional cigarettes.

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