Vaporfi VOX 80 TC Review

Vaporfi VOX 80 TC Review

Vaporfi VOX 80

Close behind the new VaporFi VOX 40 and 60, the all new VOX 80 TC is a mid-range addition to the VOX lineage. While the 40W version was aimed at fans of the micro class, the 80W is a more versatile, longer-range product designed for advanced vapers. 

Simplicity in Designvaporfi-vox-80-tc

All of VaporFi’s new VOX releases share a few design aspects in common. For instance, the larger OLED screens and square buttons are here to stay. In addition, the VOX 80 TC also has the real time clock display, a custom screen saver, and a highly accurate TC control mode. All of it is packed into the stylish brushed steel box with curved corners and smooth edges. 

More Power, More Life

In addition to doubling the output wattage of the VOX 80 TC, VaporFi was also proud to announce that they multiplied the battery life as well. Surpassing even the giants of the industry, this 4000 mAh built in dual li-po battery is nothing to scoff at. Naturally, the case is a bit larger in the hand to make room for the extra battery, but it’s absolutely worth it! Choose from any of your favorite coils and TC settings to get an awesome punch of flavor. 


As with everything VaporFi does, the VOX 80 TC is yet another device that you can depend on. It is made up of the very best features and technology that VaporFi has to offer. The VOX line is as strong as ever, and continues to gain ground as one of the most popular devices in the world. Look forward to this device taking home plenty of awards at this year’s trade shows and expos for its simplicity and amazing performance. 

A New Vaper’s Dream

In general, the VOX 80 TC is a fantastic device if you are looking for something that you can learn from as you go. It doesn’t require the same level of building and knowledge to use as some of the other 80-100W devices in the TC realm. In fact, the built in battery and the large screen makes it easier than ever to set up and go.  You can quickly recharge via mini USB and get access to all of VaporFi’s latest firmware upgrades as soon as they are released. 

Check out this video of the VOX 80 Mod from VaporFi!

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