VaporFi Vex 75 TC Mod Review

VaporFi Vex 75 TC Mod Review

VaporFi Vex 75 TC

VaporFi’s Vex 75 TC mod kit was recently introduced as a mid-range version of the Vex 150. The tall, slender figure of the case looks impressive when coupled with the oversized OLED screen and the rugged angled corners. If you are looking for a new sub-ohm device for cloud creation, this is a must have. 

Targeted Vapor Production

With a larger screen comes better accuracy for setting your variable wattage and temperature control modes. Now you can move your vape up and down in tiny increments until you reach the absolute best balance for your vape juice. This device provides an extremely detailed approach to sub ohm vaping that makes it easier than ever to pick up. 

High End Aestheticsvaporfi-vex-75-tc-mod

The brushed zinc finish of the box makes this a top shelf product among the competition. While other brands have relied heavily on low quality metals and plastics for their devices, the Vex 75 TC is rock solid and durable. Even the vertical battery door is sure to keep your batteries locked in and safe during travel or accidental drops. Plus, the OLED screen is inset just a bit so it won’t get damaged easily. 

Fast Learning

As with everything VaporFi has released lately, the Vex 75 TC is another device designed to help new vapers learn on the go. The placement of the buttons and the simplified menu navigation make setup of your new device faster than ever with only basic technical knowledge. Plus, this thing is compatible with nearly any sub ohm tank or RDA of your choosing and you have a wide range of coil types to work with for the perfect build. It is a great choice for someone looking to experiment with different builds without spending a fortune up front. 

The Vex 75 TC has a lot going for it in the mid-range arena. At $110, it is comparable to other devices in the same power range, but provides a much friendlier user interface and more advanced technology. VaporFi has increasingly become one of the top brands for customer satisfaction and providing entry-level devices to new vapers. The Vex 75 is just one more way they are serving their customer base and widening their appeal to the advanced vape crowd at the same time. 

Check out the Vex 75 TC in action!

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