VaporFi Vaio 75 TC Review

VaporFi Vaio 75 TC Review

VaporFi Vaio 75 TC MOD

The VaporFi VAIO 75 TC is part of a new effort to streamline vaping and cut down on the learning curve. Backed up by VaporFi’s long-term dedication to ingenuity and design, the VAIO is everything you could want in a 75W TC mod without having to dig too deep. 

What You Seevaporfi-vaio-75-tc-mod

On the outside, the VAIO looks like a straightforward box. The ultra-large screen on the front face is appealing for a number of reasons, followed closely by the oversized firing button. You may also notice that the box itself is more compact than other models, due to its all-inclusive nature. VaporFi installed a 3.5 mL tank inside the box, visible through a small viewing window on the backside. Otherwise, the mod itself is pretty clean cut. The only thing missing from the package is a battery, which VaporFi ended up adding in to a later model. Nevertheless, this thing really sets the bar for ease of setup and use given the simple built-in construction. 

vaporfi-vaio-75-modHow It Works

The VaporFi VAIO 75 TC MOD was designed to meet all vapers exactly where they are. Whether new or old, it is a highly versatile device that can match nearly any vaping profile on the fly. It features all of the advanced temperature control presets that we have come to know and love with other TC devices, but also includes variable wattage mode. In keeping with their all-in-one philosophy, VaporFi also included a handy tank connector which allows you to attach alternative atomizers to the top of the box, changing the way it performs to suit your needs. There really isn’t anything this device can’t do, proving its worth in the face of direct lung vapers and mouth to lung vapers alike. 

Final Thoughtsvaio-75-tc-mod

Overall, the VaporFi VAIO 75 TC is well worth experimenting with. On the downside, it does cost a bit more than other 75W mods and some all-in-one devices on the market currently. However, that price also comes with an incredible satisfaction guarantee and support from VaporFi’s team. If you are looking for a single device that will serve all of your vaping needs, no matter how far you stray from your standard, this device is certainly up for the challenge. 

Check out the Vaio 75 in action from VaporFi!

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