VaporFi Rebel 3 Tank Review

VaporFi Rebel 3 Tank Review

VaporFi Rebel 3 Tank

The VaporFi Rebel 3 Tank is the last piece of the puzzle for vapers who have selected the Rebel 3 as their go to vaping device. It features a lot of modernized features, including bottom air hole ports for easy air flow and heat dissipation.

VaporFi also chose to stick with the bottom fill option for this rebuildable tank, meaning you do have to do a bit of disassembly during refills, but the 5.8 ml capacity is more than enough to keep you going for a long time. 

Made to matchVaporFi Rebel 3 Tank

If you already own a Rebel 3 device, this tank is designed to mesh perfectly with your battery. The amazingly tight seal makes for a great connection and zero loss of power. Overall, the wide body of this tank is a huge blessing as it provides plenty of room for your favorite e-liquid, but also gives you a hefty feel in the hand unlike some of the thinner models on the market. 

The simple four-piece construction and extra wide base makes it super easy for you to rebuild, even if you don’t have a lot of practice just yet. You can also buy atomizers in five packs for quick swapping and very little effort on your part. Simply screw it on and off of your base, and you can change out atomizers instantly and get back on the go. 

Improvements over previous generationVaporFi Rebel 3 Tank silver

Fans of VaporFi products can rejoice as the VaporFi Rebel 3 tank is just another improvement on the Rebel 2. It offers more space, easier building, better air control, and a more resilient stainless steel construction.

Whether you are vaping constantly or just casually, this is a natural fit for nearly anyone. The adjustable airflow also makes this a really versatile and effective tank for experienced vapers who want to tighten up their control and change the way their vape tastes or feels, or even create larger clouds. 

Price Point

The VaporFi Rebel 3 Tank comes in at $50 alone, but you can add extra atomizers for just a few dollars more. It also comes in the Rebel 3 starter kit, which gives you a bit of a discount on the whole package and ensures that your tank and device are a perfect fit. You won’t be disappointed with the performance of this tank no matter what you do. 

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