VaporFi Pro 3 Tank Review

VaporFi Pro 3 Tank Review

VaporFi Pro 3 Tank

If you are just now delving into the wonderful world of vaping, you may be asking yourself, “What kind of vape tank is right for me?” The truth is that there is no one perfect tank, but you can narrow down your search by finding the tank that is designed to fit perfectly with the rest of your vaping gear.

The VaporFi Pro 3 tank is a great option designed to give beginner vapers a high-quality experience when paired with a matching VaporFi device. 


First of all, the VaporFi Pro 3 tank is designed with convenience in mind. That’s why they have included the easy to use top-fill cap like many of the more advanced tanks these days. This feature saves you time and frustration by allowing you to easily refill on the go without disassembling your vaporizer.

In addition, this vape tank comes with a pre-installed 2-ohm coil which is just right for someone who isn’t totally familiar with sub-ohm vaping just yet. It is also extremely easy to clean and maintain which is a huge plus. The only way to keep your vape tasting great and consistent is to make sure your tank is well taken care of throughout its life. 

DesignVaporFi Pro 3 Tank

The Pro 3 tank is colorful and perfectly sized. It offers 2.5 ml of vape juice capacity wrapped in a candy-colored outer shell. You can choose from eight vivacious colors to match your device or provide a cool contrasting look. You can mix and match or even color code your tanks to your favorite juices so you always know what’s what.

The soft coating on the outside is a nice insulator against the heat of the coil and protects the glass interior of your tank if it gets knocked over. 

Overall, the VaporFi Pro 3 tank was perfectly designed to fit onto the Pro 3 device without any overhang or loose fittings. It is a cost-friendly choice for vapers who are still learning the ropes and don’t know what they are searching for in a vaporizer just yet.

It lets you get familiar with the parts of your vape tank while also giving you a good feel for what vaping can be. When combined with the rest of your Pro 3 gear, this tank completes the set and showcases all of VaporFi’s awesome design and technology expertise. 


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