VaporFi Platinum Pro Starter Kit for beginners and gurus

VaporFi Platinum Pro Starter Kit for beginners and gurus

VaporFi Platinum Pro Starter Kit, versatile and comprehensive for all

The VaporFi Platinum Pro Kit comes with all of the components regular E Cigarette users need. This comprehensive package comes with a VaporFi Platinum Clearomizer Tank, a 650mAh battery, charger cables, and two atomizers. Most of these add-ons are compatible with other models. The battery can be used with various other models including the VaporFi Pro-L, Pro-XL, and Clear cartomizers. The Platinum tank is also compatible with the Pulse, Pro, and Rebel batteries.VaporFi Platinum Pro Kit


The highly versatile accessories that come along with the Pro vape pen are what make this kit the best you can get for your money. As for the vape pen itself, it has become the staple of the VaporFi line of products for a reason. Customers, including myself, have come to expect a strong flavor and a full bodied inhale from this model. The flavors and smoke the Pro vape pen produces are perfect for the veteran user who expects to taste and feel every inhale. This kit is meant to be a starter kit for beginners, but I found some of the accessories useful for my collection also. The Platinum Clearomizer Tank is larger than previous models with a 2.5ml capacity.

VaporFi Platinum Pro KitBottom Line

Many reviews of the Pro vape pen have been written since it hit the market, and most of them are glowing. I am on the bandwagon for the central model in this kit. I think it’s one of the best values on the market. The fact that VaporFi added on a number of customizable parts to this starter kit makes me even more excited. The battery and tank are compatible with a few other products from VaporFi, making this kit an essential package for anyone who wants to get started in vaping, or who wants to try something different. The complaints I saw about this product mostly revolved around the packaging. My kit didn’t come altogether, and many customers complained about this. Each part of the kit was in its own box in a cumbersome shipping bag. There could be some risk to some of the parts getting some wear when they are shipped to you, but the kit I received was fine. Overall, the kit is a great way to vape in style, or add to your collection of vape pens and accessories.

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