VaporFi Java Jolt Flavor E-Liquid Review

VaporFi Java Jolt Flavor E-Liquid Review

Tasting VaporFi’s Java Jolt E-Liquid

This coffee flavored e-liquid is made by VaporFi. They create high quality juices, and nothing is pre-packaged, which means you’ll always get freshly made e-liquids. They not only make e-liquids in the USA, but all ingredients also come from the states.


This classic coffee can be ordered in three different flavor strengths, and in six different nicotine strengths. The bottle comes labeled with the the nicotine level, and flavor strength that you choose.VaporFi Java Jolt Flavor E-Liquid


Java Jolt can only be ordered in a 30mL size. The downside to that is you have to commit to a flavor strength because depending on how often you vape, that size can last a while. The upside to coffee is you pretty much know what to expect in terms of flavor, so you might want to try the light or medium strength.


The Java Jolt e-liquid is a great staple to have for vaping because it can easily be blended with other flavors. For a unique and tasty flavor try blending it with Dulce De LecheCrème de la Crème, or Chocolate Delight. Java Jolt can also be blended with more than one flavor. You could make Pumpkin Spice Latte by blending the Java Jolt flavor with Sinfully Cinnamon and Graham Cracker. If you don’t want to blend the flavors yourself, VaporFi can create a custom blend for you. Just pick up to three flavors on the VaporFi website, and they will create a bottle of your unique flavor. The best part about having them do it for you is buying a custom blend is the same amount as buying one flavor.


  • Six different nicotine levels
  • Three different flavor strengths
  • Bottle is labeled with strength and nicotine level
  • Can be blended with more than one flavor


  • Only comes in 30mL size

Bottom Line

If you like the smell and taste of coffee, this is a must-have flavor. It’s a good starter liquid because you know how it will smell and taste. The one downside is only being able to buy it in a 30mL bottle, which means you cannot try out different strengths before committing to a bigger bottle.

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