VaporFi Grape Escape E-Liquid Review

VaporFi Grape Escape E-Liquid Review

Grape Escape E-Liquid

There is nothing more refreshing than the taste of cool purple grapes in the summer. They’re a little bit sweet, and super juicy. That’s what makes VaporFi Grape Escape so great! Just like the actual fruit, once you start tasting it, you can’t get enough. 


Grape Escape is one of VaporFi’s newest fruit flavored e-liquids. You can buy it in 50/50, 70/30 or Max VG varieties depending on your preferred consistency and base.

You can also amp up the natural flavor of the fruit with a single or double shot of grape. This adds a bit of tartness to the flavor, but still leaves you with that incredible grape aftertaste.

Of course, VaporFi also knows that some people are vaping Grape Escape just for fun and want a zero nicotine option, while others prefer the bold 3.6 mg strength. The choice is all yours. 

All-day Vaping

Since grape is such a naturally hydrating flavor that doesn’t overpower your taste buds, VaporFi Grape Escape is truly one of the best all-day vapes around. It isn’t quite as sweet as some of the candy grape flavors out there and this grape e-liquid isn’t as rich as some of the citrus fruit flavors so it provides a mellow flavor throughout your day.

Mix It Up

The good news about Grape Escape is that grape flavor mixes with just about any other fruit flavor naturally. VaporFi has released a whole round of new fruity options recently. You can pair Grape Escape with any of their other fruit flavors to create the perfect blend. In fact, this soft grape flavor can be a great way to make your other fruit vapes a little smoother. 

VaporFi Grape Escape is going to be all over the place when people learn how close it is to real grape flavor without all the added sugars that candy grape flavors are often associated with. It is a perfectly clear fruit flavor with a soft aftertaste that gives you the sensation of biting into the juicy center of a ripe grape.

VaporFi has provided plenty of blend options for you so you can get a true rendition without sacrificing your desired PG/VG mix. You can also customize your blend with extra grape flavor if you just really love the taste of plump grapes straight off the vine. 

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