Vaporesso Attitude Kit Review

Vaporesso Attitude Kit Review

Vaporesso Mod Attitude Kit

The Vaporesso Attitude Kit is here, and well, it has a lot of attitude! From the curvy bodylines and slotted vent holes to the rounded front screen, this personal vaporizer stands out from the crowd. It’s another profound release from the minds of Vaporesso and their brilliant engineers. 

A Technological Wonderland

Contained within the micro-sized Attitude you will find a full suite of customization options. Temperature control is just the tip of the iceberg, giving way to more advanced options like Smart Mode, Custom Curvature of Wattage and Custom Curvature of Temperature. The sleek screen inset in the curved front face of the device provides you with more than enough details to navigate all of these options and set your device just so. Smart Mode itself is designed to sense your coils and recommend a ballpark wattage to get you started. From there it’s only a few minor adjustments to nail it down. 

PowerVaporesso Attitude 80W TC Starter Kit Package

At 80W this is a mid-range option that performs well day in and day out. Vaporesso has done a really great job of building devices in this power bracket that continue to carry their weight despite the proliferation of 150W+ devices flooding the market. When used in conjunction with the Estoc tank, we find 80W to be more than enough to achieve a satisfying and full vape. The Vaporesso Attitude Kit is powered by a single 18650 battery of your choosing. 

The LookVaporesso Attitude

The asymmetrical style of the Attitude definitely gives it an extra punchy look. The addition of the purple zinc alloy option is also welcome alongside the more traditional colors. The tall, thin profile of the Attitude fits perfectly into your grip and doesn’t feel bulky like other box mods.

The button placement is comfortable, and the side-mounted USB port means you can keep your device upright while it’s plugged in. You also will find that the buttons are soft to the touch and easy to activate, as opposed to some of the stiffer models out there right now. 

This is another one of Vaporesso’s devices that raises the bar for all future innovation. Their ability to put the Omni chipset through its paces in such a trim device is impressive. They have also mastered the perfect power range for both functionality and simplicity with their 80W range. 

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