VaporBoost Strawberry Gelato E-Liquid Flavor Review

VaporBoost Strawberry Gelato E-Liquid Flavor Review

Tasting the delicious VaporBoost Strawberry Gelato E-liquid

A new wave of E-liquid flavors is hitting the market with a vengeance these days: the sweet, fruity flavors of E-liquids like VaporBoost’s Strawberry Gelato flavors. The Strawberry flavor, along with E-liquid flavors like it, tastes like ice cream and is extremely smooth. Similar to the kind of flavor you would expect at a hookah bar or some similar establishment, this E-liquid, or “juice” as VaporBoost calls it, is a great option for those just starting to experience vaping and vape pens, and is a great treat for veteran vape users with a sweet tooth.


The main aspect that VaporBoost plays up about its Strawberry Gelato E-liquid is its flavor, of course. This is truly a unique taste that you will only get with VaporBoost’s formula. The main selling point here is the E-liquid’s candy-like taste. While some sweet E-liquids taste like cough syrup vapor, VaporBoost’s blend is much more nuanced than most sweet E-liquids. While some vape flavors seem to fill their E-liquids with generic fruit flavors you can get in a bag of Skittles—grape, lime, orange, etc.—VaporBoost’s Strawberry Gelato carries many subtle hints that complement the fresh strawberry flavor. Notes of whipped cream and a finish of cool, creamy vanilla add enough complexity that you don’t have to be addicted to candy to enjoy its flavor. Another common problem I run into whenever I decide I need a sweet E-liquid is that many fruit flavors will taste like they were created in a Petri dish. VaporBoost seems to have heard my longings, because its Strawberry Gelato flavor gave me the impression that I was inhaling real strawberries. It tasted like there were real strawberries in the reservoir. Excellent taste and finish.VaporBoost Strawberry Gelato E-Liquid

Throat Hit

The knock on many sweet E-liquids is that they don’t really pack enough punch for true vapers like me. As expected, VaporBoost Strawberry Gelato, doesn’t hit like traditional E-liquid cartridges, but VaporBoost has made some adjustments to allow for a more full bodied taste. The liquid is thinner than other similar products, allowing better airflow, and producing more vapor per pull than similar products. While this E-liquid still won’t give you the big hits that come from more traditional liquids, it can still pack a punch.


On the whole, VaporBoost Strawberry Gelato is worth a try if you have a taste for sweet E-liquids. It carries sufficient sweetness and potency for all vapers.

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