VaporBoost Pink Lemonade E-Liquid Flavor Review

VaporBoost Pink Lemonade E-Liquid Flavor Review

VaporBoost Pink Lemonade

VaporBoost has worked hard to make sure customers have a wide selection of different flavored e-juices they can choose from. The wider selection in flavors is a great way to curb cravings for different tastes and also encourages customers to continue to use electronic cigarettes instead of traditional options. Pink Lemonade is a VaporBoost flavor that quickly became popular with consumers. Even though the different flavor choices was one of the reasons that I ultimately decided to start using e-cigs, it still took a me a little while to work up the nerve to stray from the traditionally flavored e-juices that are designed to replicate the taste of conventional cigarettes. I was afraid I wouldn’t like the novelty flavors. VaporBoost’s pink lemonade was the first novelty flavor I tried, and I’m so glad I took the leap.


The e-juice exceeded my expectations, something that rarely happens. The Pink Lemonade e-juice doesn’t taste like the lemonade mixes people currently use, but rather like the pink lemonade my grandma used to make me when I was a kid. She squeezed the lemons herself and also added a generous helping of raspberries to the mix. It was delicious.  Each time I use the juice, I’m flooded with happy memories of childhood memories of summers that seemed to last forever. VaporBoost’s chemist spent a great deal of time working to create a vapor that is smooth, doesn’t leave a metallic after taste, and that really does taste like pink lemonade. The e-juice is pre-steeped so I can use it right away, and the last puff is just as good as the first.

ContainerVaporBoost Pink Lemonade E-Liquid

The pink lemonade e-juice is stored in a dark bottle which is suppose to prevent light from hitting it and causing the juice to break down, and it seems to work, I’ve had a few bottles of VaporBoost e-juice for a few months, and they still tasted as good as the new stuff. I make sure I store mine in a drawer that’s located in a room where there’s not a great deal of humidity and where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate much.

Diacetyl Free

The Pink Lemonade e-juice sold by VaporBoost is Diacetyl free, so you can enjoy worry free vaping.

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