Upgrade Your Kanger with the Kanger mini Protank-2

Upgrade Your Kanger with the Kanger mini Protank-2

An Overview of the Kanger mini Protank-2

The Kanger mini Protank-2  do provide nice benefits over the traditional clearomizers that come with the default Kanger vapes. Best of all, it is a rather inexpensive price, so it does not cost much to obtain a few of these replacement. While there are other options out there that provide added features I do not have on the Kanger offerings, for the price it really is not possible to go wrong with this kind option.

There are several different benefits and features available with the Kanger mini Protank-2. These benefits include:

– Replaceable atomizer headKanger Mini Protank 2

– Bottom coil

– Pryex glass tank

– 1.5ml capacity

– Works with multiple Kanger vaporizers


Probably the best feature of the Kanger mini Protank-2, outside of the fact that it is inexpensive, is the ability to work with any other style and design of Kanger vaporizers. This way, if I ever decide to upgrade or change to a different device, I do not need to go out and purchase a handful of additional clearomizers. While I might need the adapter, depending on the other Kanger vaporizer I am using, it is far better than buying brand new clearomizers.

Replaceable Atomizer

On top of this feature, it has a replaceable atomizer head. Should the atomizer ever become damaged, it is not necessary to go out and purchase a brand new clearomizer. Instead, I can just buy a replacement atomizer. This is an excellent design feature of all of the different Kanger tanks. I don’t need to replace the entire thing, but usually I can simply swap out the damaged or non-functioning equipment and the rest is going to work perfectly fine.

Pyrex Tank

The Pryex tank is break resistant, so it is not like I am putting glass directly into my pocket. I have broken enough items over time that I just do not want to deal with something like that at all spilling into my pocket. With the Pryex glass tank of the Kanger mini Protank-2, I no longer have to worry about this sort of a situation and I am literally good to go whenever I slip it out of my pocket. It might not be the best, but for the price I can’t go wrong.

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