The VaporFi Express E-cig Starter Kit is Easy and Convenient

The VaporFi Express E-cig Starter Kit is Easy and Convenient

VaporFi Express E-cig Starter Kit Review

Vaporizers can become quickly expensive. That is exactly why there are times where having a less expensive option is available. It is also what attracted me to the VaporFi Express E-cig Starter Kit. This starter kit is great as it is simple, gets right to the point and does not cost much. I tend to point my friends towards this kind of starter kit thanks to the price and ease of use. Of course, there are other, more expensive vaporizers that come with added features, such as LED screens and displays, but that is further on down the road after someone decides vaporizers are for them. The VaporFi Express E-cig Starter Kit is one of the ways I got my start, and it is why I recommend it.

Some of the features on the VaporFi Express E-cig Starter Kit include:

  • USB Charging Features
  • Variety of Refillable Cartridges and Flavors
  • Nice Cartridge SizeVaporFi Express E-cig Starter Kit

USB Charging Features

The USB charging feature really is brilliant. It allows me to charge my VaporFi Express E-cig anywhere I go. Let’s face it, there are USB chargers everywhere, form on computers to cell phone chargers to on the back of televisions. As long as there is a USB option around, it is possible to charge the device, and it is what makes this one such a great option.

Variety of Refillable Cartridges and Flavors

The VaporFi Express comes with the ability to swap in all kinds of different cartridges and flavors. From traditional tobacco flavored options to cartridges with a sweet side, such as chocolate, cherry or even a rich coffee. Plus, when using cartridges, the level of nicotine can be adjusted too, so it is possible for me to pick up a 1.2% nicotine cartridge and a 0.6% ml nicotine cartridge and use both on the same starter e-cig.

Nice Cartridge Size

The cartridge sizes available for the e-cig are 1 ml. According to the manufacturer, this means it can last anywhere from one to three months. Now, I tend to find a 1 ml size lasts around one and a half to two days, but that beats constantly buying cigarettes packs everyday.

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