The Outdoorsman Vape Starter Kit Bundle Review

The Outdoorsman Vape Starter Kit Bundle Review

Outdoorsman Vape Starter Kit Bundle

The Outdoorsman Vape Starter Kit Bundle is part of an all-new release from Innokin, designed to give vapers a simple way to get a complete vaporizer without the hassle. The iTaste Hunter Mod is a colorful little temperature control device with plenty of easy to use features, coupled with the iSub-V sub-ohm tank. 

The iTaste Hunter Modthe-outdoorsman-vape-starter-kit-bundle

Innokin packed the Hunter full of all kinds of advanced technology. From the balanced even coil heat up to the ultra low standby power consumption, this thing is designed to provide quality, consistent vapor. At 75W it is a perfect fit for the average vaper or anyone that wants a solid daily use device. Innokin put a ton of research and development into stretching the battery life and making this thing safe. While it may not share the namesake of Innokin’s more popular vaporizer lines, it definitely shares the same dedication to excellence.

The iSub-V Sub Ohm Tank

Three mL of e-liquid capacity combined with the no spill coil swap system and the adjustable airflow has consistently placed the iSub-V at the top of list for sub ohm tanks. It has been perfectly paired with many of Innokin’s other devices and has already earned a hearty reputation on its own.

sony-vtc5-18650-batteryThe Battery

Giving you the best chances of keeping your device going for hours on end, Innokin partnered with three different battery manufacturers for you to choose from. 

  • The Efest IMR 2900 mAh battery. The perfect companion for this device, offering long battery life and consistent power.
  • A dual LG 2500 mAh package. These batteries help extend the life and provide balanced discharge throughout use.
  • The single 2600 mAh. This battery from Sony offers continuous charging current at a stable 12A and more.

No matter what you choose, Innokin clearly thought about their options.

Overall, we expect the Outdoorsman Vape Starter Kit bundle to do great things once the word gets out. The reliability alone and the reputation of Innokin’s name should provide plenty of reason to try it out. You’ll definitely be impressed once you get familiar with the iTaste Hunter and see how far you can push the temperature controls with this package. This is going to be a big hit heading into the holiday season. 

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