The Future is Now with the Innokin Itaste VTR Vaporizer

The Future is Now with the Innokin Itaste VTR Vaporizer

Innokin Itaste VTR Review

When I first saw the Innokin iTaste VTR, I really didn’t know what to think. It is unlike any other vaporizer I have seen before. It is constructed with beautiful stainless steel and has a truly detailed finish. It looks almost like the combination of a vaporizer and an old, vintage lighter all wrapped in one, and this is exactly what attracted me to the device. Of course, it is more than just a beautifully looking device. It delivers a quality product as well and comes with a solid number of additional features that many other vaporizers simply are not going to offer.

Some of the benefits of the Innokin iTaste VTR includes:Innokin iTaste VTR

– LED screen with select information

– Wheel control feature

– Internal tank location

– Variable voltage and wattage capability

– On/Of switch

– Circuit protection to avoid power surges or other problems

Product Design

The tank of the Innokin iTaste VTR is located on the interior of the device. This is something that is not all that common to vaporizers. Usually the tank is exposed, so any sort of crack or bend can completely destroy the e-cig. Due to the placement of the tank in the Innokin iTaste VTR, this is not a problem at all. Also, the voltage and wattage can both be adjusted with a nice rotational week, located at the top of the device. It kind of looks like the old control wheel found on an SLR film camera. There is also an LED screen on the side of the device, which provides more insights to how the Innokin iTaste VTR is working.


In terms of features, the Innokin iTaste VTR has more special features than most other e-cigs out there. It can take a variable voltage rate, ranging from 3.0 to 6.0. It can also change the wattage as well, from three watts to 15. There is short circuit protection, so no matter what power source I connect it to, I am not going to damage the equipment. There is also a reverse battery protection circuit, a resistive load detection feature, on/off switch, low voltage warning and a replaceable battery, just to name some of the features of the device.

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