The Durable VaporFi Rocket Tank

The Durable VaporFi Rocket Tank

VaporFi Rocket Tank Review

The world of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers is really competitive. In order to stay relevant, manufactures have to constantly vamp their current products and create new ones. The International Vapor Group recently created and released a new brand they hope will appeal to heavy smokers who want a great tasting, long lasting, durable cigarette-like, electronic device. VaporFi is the brand, and they focus on high quality vaporizers. Along with high quality vapes, they also make upgraded tanks. For this review I checked out the VaporFi Rocket Tank.VaporFi Rocket Tank

The Look

There’s no denying that the VaporFi Rocket Tank looks fantastic. Customers currently get to choose from two different options; black or stainless steel, both of which look elegant. The sleek design is easy to handle for individuals who have smaller hands, the vaporizer isn’t so tiny, individuals with large digits will feel awkward handling it.

The Tank

The VaporFi Rocket tank  is amazing. The company managed to use 1.8 ohm dual coils to create a gorgeous glass tank that has a 2.5 ml capacity. The tank works smoothly and is large enough to provide a great deal of pleasure before you need to worry about doing anything with it. For the purposes of this VaporFi Rocket Tank review, I dropped my unit a few times, just to see how durable the glass tank really is. Despite some pretty hard collisions, the vaporizer still looks great and I haven’t experienced any leakage problems. When the tank runs out, you simply remove the tank form the vaporizer, refill the tank, and go on with your day.

Adjustable Flow

Hands down, the VaporFi Rocket Tank’s most impressive trait is the fact that consumer’s can adjust the air flow.  While using the VaporFi Rocket Tank I found that by playing with the flow, I was able to bring out more flavor.


The only complaint I have with the VaporFi Rocket Tank is the price, which I found high for both the starter kit and the individual replacement tanks. I was really impressed with the VaporFi Rocket Tank. Not only did the vaporizer provide a thick, dense cloud of vapor that’s sure to please even the pickiest of users, I never experienced that slightly burned taste that I’ve occasionally gotten from other brands when the tank runs low. I think it’s a great choice for anyone who puffs heavily or is very picky about the density of the vapor they inhale.

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