The Delicious Johnson Creek Birchwood Peach Flavor E-Liquid

The Delicious Johnson Creek Birchwood Peach Flavor E-Liquid

Johnson Creek Birchwood Peach E-Liquid Review

This Peach smoke juice is from Johnson Creek’s Birchwood line of e-liquids. They make high quality smoke juice with ingredients sourced from American companies. Their Birchwood Peach smoke juice has a true peach flavor with no tobacco notes. It’s strong, but not overwhelmingly strong. If you like smoke juices that provide excellent vapor production, this peach flavor won’t disappoint. You get to choose from two different nicotine strengths. They are .8% and .16%. This is good because you have options, but it’s bad if you don’t know what level of nicotine is right for you.

PackagingJohnson Creek Birchwood Peach Flavor E-Liquid

Some other smoke juice flavors on the website come in a 5mL sample size, but not this one. The Birchwood Peach is only available to purchase in a 10mL size bottle. The good thing is, if you don’t enjoy it, Johnson Creek has a 60 day return and exchange policy. It’s also noteworthy that this peach smoke juice is very inexpensive compared to other companies. It comes in a clear plastic bottle that’s easy to squeeze. Both the label, and top are white, which gives it a sleek, put together look. On the label it shows the exact size, and nicotine amount.


This peach smoke juice flavor can easily blend with dessert or fruit flavors. Blend peach with Johnson Creek’s Birchwood Vanilla for a peaches n’ cream type flavor. If you want the peach to have a tobacco flavor, you could blend it with Birchwood Tobacco. If you’re new to blending, and want to try the peach flavor with vanilla, try it out with Johnson Creek’s French Vanilla. The French Vanilla e-liquid can be bought in a 5mL sample size.


  • Can be blended with different flavors
  • Easy to squeeze bottle
  • Can choose different nicotine levels
  • Produces high amounts of vapor


  • Only comes in one size
  • Can get messy if you drip too much

Bottom Line

There really is no risk to trying Johnson Creek’s Birchwood Peach smoke juice because if you don’t like it, you can return it. If you like the taste of biting into a peach, you most likely won’t have to worry about returning it.

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