Tesla Shadow Coils Review

Tesla Shadow Coils Review

Tesla Shadow Coils

The all new Tesla Stealth starter kit is making its way into the hands of vapers a little at a time. The kit itself comes with a ton of specialized components that were designed just for the Stealth device, including the Shadow coils and tank. Tesla did a great job on these coils, making them simple, yet offering you several options for power so that you can configure your Stealth device however you like. 

Two Options

Shadow coils come in two specs currently. There is a 0.28-ohm option that is designed for use in the 40-100W range according to the manufacturer. Reports from many vapers indicate that it really operates best in the 40-60W range. On the other hand, the 0.6-ohm option is also available for 25-100W applications, but again, this one really excels in the 30-50W range. 

Flavor and Power

Depending on your build, your set-up you will have a ton of flexibility with these coils when it comes to replicating flavors and choosing how strong of a hit you want.

At low wattage both coils seem to do okay, giving you a pretty accurate representation of your vape juice, but not the fullest hit out there. As you ramp up power, however, you start to get a more fulfilling sensation. It seems like at low power these coils do not stay quite hot enough to create a consistent vape, but once you get up to their optimal power band they perform well. 

No Heat

Original spec sheets for the Shadow coils stated that they were both only rated to 60W. Since their release, that number has increased to 100W. There was some concern about the amount of heat coming off of these things in relation to the Stealth’s configuration, but we are happy to report that there have been no complaints of overheating in the hand or anything else. 

Overall, the Shadow Coils are a great choice if you are already using the Stealth kit. They do exactly what they were designed to do in this case, and while they may not be the biggest and baddest coils out there, they do fit very well into the mid-power niche. There will always be a place for these coils if you are using the Shadow tank in any build. 

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