South Beach Smoke Tanks – One For Every Budget

South Beach Smoke Tanks – One For Every Budget

South Beach Smoke Tanks Review

Vapor tanks are taking over the E-cigarette market. They have longer shelf life, thicker vapors, smooth hits and simple to use. What sets South Beach smoke tank systems apart from others, is that they fit in everyone’s budget. Their vapor tanks range from $9.99 to $34.99. With many products, the one that has a lower price has a lesser quality. South Beach Smoke is not the norm. All of their products have superb quality regardless of the cost. I personally, have tried a few different tanks and enjoyed them just as much as the other. Choosing what tank to use is a personal decision and depends on many variables. Here is a list of different vapor tanks South Beach Smoke has to offer:

Air Tank (With Cap)

This is geared towards the occasional smoker. If you are someone who only smokes while out on the town, this is a great option.South Beach Smoke Air Tank

  • Capacity is 1ml and can last 1-3 months.
  • Built-in atomizer that lasts 2-3 weeks.
  • $9.99

South Beach Smoke Curve TanksClear Tank/Curve Tank

These clear tanks are another great option for casual smokers, while offering a larger capacity and a little flare. The curve tank has a little more style.

  • Capacity is 2.4ml and 2.2ml.
  • Bottom coil tank
  • The design is clear and comes in 6 different colors.
  • $9.99

South Beach Smoke Storm Tanks

Storm Tank

This tank gives you a little more control by allowing you to customize your mod with two atomizers.

  • Capacity is 1.6ml
  • Bottom coil tank
  • Comes in 8 colors to show your personality.
  • $14.99

South Beach Smoke Vapor FLO TankVaporFLO Tank

Now this is for the hardcore smokers, who like to control their vapor. It uses a unique technology that allows you to manipulate your airflow control. I personally used this one, and it is one of my favorites. It has a sleek steel design.

  • Capacity is 2.5ml
  • Bottom coil tank
  • $29.99.

Thunder Air Flow Tank

South Beach Smoke Thunder Tank

This is for the vapor enthusiasts, by containing dual coils. The tank produces the most vapor and smoothest hit out of all the inventory. The flavor with this tank is incredible. It’s a must for those who love thick vapors. It comes in steel or black.

  • Capacity is 1.7ml
  • Bottom coil tank
  • $34.99


South Beach Smoke has a tank for everyone. The tanks do not leak, and the quality of taste and vapor is consistent. South Beach is also budget friendly.

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