South Beach Smoke Mint Julep E-liquid Review

South Beach Smoke Mint Julep E-liquid Review

The Mint Julep Legacy

Anyone who drinks mint juleps will tell you that when you that when served correctly you will have the perfect combination of mint, bourbon and sweetness chilled to perfection. The mint julep stands alone with uniqueness as being a drink in its own class. For an electronic cigarette company to match the true taste of mint julep is a challenge. When South Beach Smoke came out with a “mint julep” e-liquid I wanted to see if South Beach Smoke actually got the flavor down or not. This is my non-biased review of their e-liquid.

South Beach Smoke Mint Julep E-liquidSouth Beach Smoke Mint Julep E-liquid Review

South Beach has two mint julep flavors that they offer. The first flavor they offer is Single Shot of Fresh Mint. The second flavor is Double Shot of Top Shelf Bourbon. Both of these flavors are offered in a 30 ml bottle at the price of $14.99. South Beach Smoke also offers the e-liquid in various strengths as well. As a note, I tried these mint julep flavors in my VaporFi pro, whereas this is my favorite way to enjoy e-liquid.

  • Single Shot of Fresh Mint: This flavor is pretty minty and you can tell the sweetness is there but I was trying hard to taste their version of bourbon. The taste of bourbon was there, but it wasn’t quite like the real thing.
  • Double Shot of Top Shelf Bourbon: This flavor was more near the real taste of a mint julep. The mint flavor and sweetness was there but wasn’t overpowering so you could taste the bourbon flavor. I thought that their bourbon flavor tasted more like a smoother version of Jack Daniels but not quite a Maker’s Mark flavor.

Final Thoughts

South Beach Smoke Mint Julep double shot tastes pretty similar to a real mint julep. I give them credit for their version of the mint julep flavor. If you are a mint julep drinker then you will want to make sure, you give this e-liquid a try. For the price and taste it’s worth the $14.99!


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