South Beach Smoke Grandma’s Thanksgiving Apple Pie Review

South Beach Smoke Grandma’s Thanksgiving Apple Pie Review

South Beach Smoke Grandma’s Thanksgiving Apple Pie E-liquid Flavor

Holiday tradition meets modern Vaping and eCig technology in this South Beach Smoke Grandma’s Thanksgiving Apple Pie Review. As the perfect blend of both worlds, try this seasonal experience to enhance your next Vape. As advertised, this flavor comes in five different strengths. This is great for me since I’m trying to cut back on nicotine, but don’t want to switch to the non-nicotine liquids just yet. I like to sample different options with my new vape, and often get the 3-pack sampler kit. When I saw the Apple Pie flavor though, I just couldn’t resist.


South Beach Smoke Grandma's Thanksgiving Apple Pie E-Liquid

Apple pie has always been one of my favorites, but I don’t always like some of the sweeter e-liquids like bubblegum or marshmallow. I usually enjoy the slightly mellower desserts, like graham cracker. Since I was already a fan, the idea that the apple pie blended in 3 single shots with  graham cracker, red apple, and cinnamon had me sold. I have to say this definitely hit the spot. Admittedly, it doesn’t taste exact like my grandmother’s apple pie – but it definitely tastes GOOD! The cinnamon taste is very present, and the apple and graham cracker are a little more mellow. This mix is nice, although I wish there was a way to add in a little of the buttery crust flavor from the original homemade version. (Hint to South Beach Smoke – maybe some flaky pie crust flavor next?)

FDA Approved

Overall I love the South Beach Smoke flavors. No matter what strength liquid I have chosen, I’ve always found these to have a quality flavor. I also appreciate that all of the items are FDA approved and considered “Better than Food Grade.” Since I switched to vapes, the extra attention to these details really matters to me. The liquid is also diacetyl-free which means I don’t get that weird buttered-popcorn flavor that is common in different brands I’ve tried.


I love being able to mix and match my e-liquids, and appreciate the large bottles they come in. I’d highly recommend South Beach Smoke’s Grandma’s Thanksgiving Apple Pie to new or seasoned vape enthusiasts as a good and tasty holiday treat.

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