Smok Guardian Pipe III Review

Smok Guardian Pipe III Review

Smok Guardian Pipe III

For anyone looking for an upscale and unique vape mod, the Smok Guardian Pipe III is a really great and interesting choice. It offers all of the great technology and features of a typical temperature control box mod, but in the form of a classy pipe design. People who have smoked traditional pipes for years will be happy to see this addition to the vape family, giving them a vapor equivalent of their smoking device. 


The Look

To be honest, the appearance of the Smok Guardian Pipe III is what really makes this kit stand out. The pipe itself is relatively lightweight, and has the look of a classic pipe. In keeping with this style, the button is well hidden beneath your fingers so as not to stand out. In addition, the battery cover is a smooth piece held in place by magnets, and it fits perfectly without coming undone. 

FeaturesSmok Guardian Pipe III 2

The Smok Guardian Pipe III comes with a number of high-tech features that are typically reserved for the most cutting-edge box mods. The temperature control feature gives you versatility and works well with all kinds of coils. In addition, the variable wattage mode lets you go from 1W to 75W of power.

There are also a number of convenient presets that allow you to jump to minimum and maximum power among other things. The Micro TFV4 Plus tank is also a nice accessory to include with a 3.5 mL capacity, expandable to 5.5 mL. This tank has already earned a positive reputation in its own right for having great airflow and a clean taste. 

Smok Guardian Pipe III 3Operation

There really only seems to be one minor hang-up with the Smok Guardian Pipe III. In order to keep the style pleasing and clean, you are given only one button with which to operate the device and move through menus. This can be a bit tedious at first as you learn that it takes five clicks to wake the device up, three clicks to reach the menu and so on.

Fortunately, once you have found your favorite settings, or you have learned to jump between the factory presets, this issue dissolves altogether since you probably won’t be making tons of adjustments once you’re comfortable with the vape. There is a Bluetooth app and a micro-USB port for upgrading your firmware, and the battery is easily rechargeable with the included charging kit.


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