Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W TC MOD Review

Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W TC MOD Review

Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W TC MOD

The Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W TC Mod is a one-of-a-kind device that combines a ton of extreme features with a 100% personalized appearance that you can’t get anywhere else. There are so many interesting features of this particular mod that it’s hard to choose which one is our favorite, so let’s just jump into some of the details. 

The Appearance

You pull the Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W TC Mod out of the box and you can’t help but be smitten. It is just beautiful! The wood face inlaid on the front of the device is actually a major part of the appeal. This is authentic, cured wood that was hand selected by Sigelei’s US manufacturing team. No two pieces of wood inlay are exactly alike. Let me repeat, this is NOT a vinyl replica of wood. Whatever color and pattern you have on your device is literally the only one like it in the world. The different hues and patterns in the wood serve to set off the dark box as a whole. 

You will also notice that the Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W TC Mod is not quite Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W TC MODsshaped like other mods on the market. It is a larger mod and, as a result, the traditional box design was a little clunky and hard to work with.

By rounding out the sides and making the mod fit more into the curve of your hand, the Sigelei engineering team was able to make it possible for anyone to reach the buttons comfortably and not have to contend with hard edges. 


This is a super high-powered mod, exceeding even some of the top performers from the last several years. It is also a simple mod to build with, so it has opened the world of 200+W vaping to everyone, although most people will find that 100W is plenty to achieve a great vape. 

The triple battery design is more than enough to sustain all-day vaping even without dropping your power. The OLED screen is also bright and clear, making it easy to navigate and read as you go.

Users are happy to report that this is an exceptional upgrade to the older Snow Wolf models and a great transition into high-power cloud chasing. Overall the Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W TC Mod has earned high marks across the board from function to aesthetics. 


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