Sigelei 150W TC MOD Review

Sigelei 150W TC MOD Review

Several months back, Sigelei discontinued the production of the Sigelei 150W to focus on redesigned products – the Sigelei 75w with temperature control and the Sigelei 150w with temperature control. Temperature control is the biggest improvement that has been made on the old model, and the mod has high tech geometric shapes making it look like a futuristic military device.

The Look

It has a great Mad Max feel and look to it and reminds me of the DNA40 MOD though this one is better. Style wise, the Sigelei 150W TC MOD beats all its competitors and requires no vape skin or paint to look great. For pure quality effect, the logo is screen printed and engraved on the metal of the MOD.

The MOD will easily fit in the pocket and its rounded corners also contribute to its great feel in the hands. The shape Sigelei 150W TC MOD dooris broken down by the round corners, so it looks more like part of your leg rather than a smoke box in your pants.

I always believed that the battery door on the original Sigelei 150W was spectacular, but the one on the Sigelei 150W TC MOD is superior and feels better. The door is made of metal, not only improving the feel of the device but making it safer.

Sturdy Construction

As it is sturdily constructed, it is safer to contain 18650 batteries as these batteries can be hazardous if abused or mishandled. It makes use of magnets to hold the door and slides to a slit. When the door is there, it will not be coming off. This is a deliberate design to protect from battery mishaps and it is well executed.

Honestly, I do feel safe when I am Sigelei 150W TC MOD colorsusing the Sigelei 150W TC MOD due to this feature. If it were a plastic door, it could melt, burn or explode in the event of a battery mishap. That is are not the case with the metal door.

The button on the Sigelei 150W TC MOD is less clicky, and the buttons are well manufactured so that they do not rattle. The interface, on the other hand, is complicated. As the temp control boards regulate coil temperature at a specific watt range, your device will read a change in the joules.

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