Roper E-Liquid Review

Roper E-Liquid Review

Roper E-Liquid

Roper E-Liquid is one of the newest brands in the candy-flavored vape juice category. It is a lighter liquid that is more focused on flavor than anything else. While it does come in 0-, 3- and 6-mg nicotine levels, it is an ultra-lite flavor by any standard. Why Roper? Because it is a perfect replica of your favorite red licorice ropes with a tangy filling right in the center. 

 VG heavy E-liquid

For those who prefer VG heavy liquids, you’ll be pleased to know that Roper E-Liquid is 70% VG and 30% PG. It has a natural and smooth, sweet flavor due to the  VG content, which is enhanced by the tart yogurt flavor deeply mixed at its core. Since it is a lighter liquid, compared to some of the other candy flavors on the market, it makes a nice treat for you to vape on all day long for a “sugary” boost.


If you are planning on using Roper with your drip tip, you won’t be disappointed. The 0- and 3-mg options are perfect choices that leave a long-lasting taste even after you put your vape down. There are not enough good things to be said about how easy this liquid is to vape and how consistent the flavor is each and every hit. For a price tag of about $22, it is certainly a strong contender even among premium brands who have made their mark in the dessert category.

Big Clouds

If clouds are what you’re after, Roper has those, too! The 70/30 mix makes this liquid burn more completely and with less effort. You will be able to build up plenty of steam for your cloud tricks without a problem. You can’t help but be impressed by the thick mouth feel of the liquid, followed by a subtler throat hit. For vape enthusiasts that just want to enjoy a variety of strong flavors without the heavy nicotine, this should be at the top of your list. 

You can find it online in 30 mL bottles and you will know it right away by the bright blue box decorated with licorice ropes. In an instant, it takes you back to the best flavors of your childhood so you can enjoy your favorite candy anywhere you go! 


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