Quality for Not a Lot of Money with the Joyetech Delta 23 Atomizer Tank

Quality for Not a Lot of Money with the Joyetech Delta 23 Atomizer Tank

A review of the Joyetech Delta 23 Atomizer Tank

I have always liked piecing my vaporizer together through the assembly of different pieces. I think this is one of the great benefits of utilizing e-cigs over the traditional option. By using different pieces, I can obtain the best test that I possibly need, and there really is nothing better, at least in my own opinion, than the Joyetech Delta 23 Atomizer Tank when it comes to tanks. The Joyetech Delta 23 Atomizer Tank is a quality piece of equipment that does not cost a lot of money. In fact, it is far less than some of the competition, but it is extremely high class, and offers some extremely desirable features.Joyetech Delta 23 Atomizer Tank

Some of the benefits of the Joyetech Delta 23 Atomizer Tank include:

– 3 transparent 3-juice windows

– 3 adjustable air inflow channels

– 6 ml capacity

Tank Size

Probably the most noticeable feature of the Joyetech Delta 23 Atomizer Tank is the giant tank size. I don’t think I have seen a 6 ml tank on any other tank out there. To put it in perspective, most vaporizers come with a 1.3 to 1.7 ml tank. This is four times the size of these tanks. This way, I can fit plenty of e-juice into the Joyetech Delta 23 Atomizer Tank, without ever needing to refill. This is perfect when I’m out for the weekend and I don’t want to pack additional liquid (or I just forget). Plus, there are times where I share my vaporizer with my friends, and that can really go quickly. Thanks to the Joyetech Delta 23 Atomizer Tank, this is not a problem at all.

Adjustable Air Inflow

The Joyetech Delta 23 Atomizer Tank provides some nice adjustable features as well. The three adjustable air inflow channels allows me to alter how much nicotine I receive at once. There are some mornings where I just need as much as I can get and I don’t want to be sitting around, taking puff after puff, just to get the desired level. By altering the air inflow, I can change how much nicotine I am going to receive. Plus, the material of the Joyetech Delta 23 Atomizer Tank is top of the line and spares no expense.

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