OBS Engine RTA Review

OBS Engine RTA Review

OBS Engine RTA

The OBS Engine RTA is a large-scale atomizer featuring a massive e-liquid capacity surrounded by a solid black or stainless steel body with fabulous etching. The Engine features a number of interesting characteristics that make it a high end pick for any dedicated vaper. 


From the outside, the OBS Engine RTA is 25 mm around, making it significantly larger than the average atomizer. However, it is designed to fit atop many of the 200W boxes that are also wider in body than their less powerful counterparts. The 25 mm body leaves plenty of space for a 5.2 mL liquid capacity, as well as complex building. 

There are two interesting pieces of the Engine that grabbed our attention. First of all, the top airflow obs-engine-rta-rebuildable-tank-atomizercontrol is a full 360-degree rotating head. There are no stops or notches to hold it in place. Some may find that it is too easy to accidentally change your airflow without those stops in place, but it is actually pretty tightly fitted so you can adjust and leave it without too many worries. The other interesting design decision is the hidden side fill port. If you are looking at the RTA from the side, just above the glass you will find a tiny water droplet emblem with the word “up”. If you slide your thumb upward, the outer sleeve will move, revealing the fill port cleverly disguised. 


The OBS Engine RTA doesn’t just look good; it feels good too. It offers very smooth airflow, great heat dissipation, and easy operation. For under $30 it is one of the best options available for high-powered devices that can handle the extra size and capacity. The OBS team did a great job of preventing flooding and leaking with quality O-rings and solid construction. 

obs-engine-rta-rebuildable-tank-atomizer-with-boxOBS products are making their way out to more vapers by the day. So far, the Engine and the rest of their tanks and atomizers have proven to be a huge surprise for long time vapers who needed something new. The Engine is a masterful piece of gear for any serious vaper, and OBS has introduced a mini version using the same technology for those with smaller devices. You will have massive clouds with just a touch of warmth from the coils, bringing you the best flavor.

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