Mount Baker Vapor GwaRy4 E-Liquid Flavor Review

Mount Baker Vapor GwaRy4 E-Liquid Flavor Review

Thoughts on Mount Baker Vapor GwaRy4 E-Liquid

I gave the Mount Baker Vapor GwaRy4 E-Liquid flavor a shot for a change in my vaping flavors. What I found was surprisingly mellow, nutty and pleasant. This e-liquid flavor has a very timeless taste, reminiscent of old tobacco flavors that had mixes of vanilla, but and tobacco rolled into one.


My first puffs were very much like drawing from a pipe. It was refined, elegant and very tasteful. This reminded me of when my father used to smoke his pipe. As a child that aroma would waft into the other rooms, and this e-liquid has that same aroma, which I find not only tasty, but comforting. As I continued with my first experience having a smoke with the Mount BakerVapor GwaRy4 E-Liquid flavor, each successful drag produced that same even keel flavor of vanilla wrapped in classic tobacco. It maintained consistency, which I very much appreciated. I treat this new flavor as a smoke for those quiet nights where I am sitting and reading, just enjoying a little vaping and nostalgia.

Variety of Strengths and Sizes Mount Baker Vapor GwaRy4 E-liquid

Like all of Mount Baker Vapor’s flavors, the GwaRy4 comes in a variety of ounce sizes and can be adjusted from high to low nicotine delivery within the e-cigarrette. It also comes pre-mixed, making the filling of e-cigs effortless with very little to no clogging or build-up. My boyfriend really likes the Mount Baker GwaRy4 flavor. He considers this a “masculine” flavor for vaping and has gone through most of my first bottle. I ended up buying him his own, and I got the larger 24mg/nicotine delivery as this is his preference. I use the 3mg/ml for a lighter nicotine delivery as I don’t need as much of a kick.

Final Thoughts on the Flavor

I have had girlfriends try the Mount Baker Vapor GwaRy4 as well, and they all commented on how the taste was “old-school”, a classy smoke for elegant nights was how one put it. I simply enjoy the ease of this flavor and the aroma. This is a timeless flavor that really does remind me of the days where men smoked pipes and those pipe flavors and aromas would mix around a room, giving it a stately and elegant feel.

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