Motley Brew E-liquid Review

Motley Brew E-liquid Review

Motley Brew Artisan E-liquids

If you’re seeking a fun, tasty product for vaping, Motley Brew E-Juice is a pretty good option. Marked by their eclectic variations of flavors, as well as their innovative logo and labels, this product simply stands outs.


The best thing about Motley Brew E-Juice is the variety of flavors. There are, so far, six awesome flavors available from Motley Brew E-Juice:

  • Brew’s Brothers – The newest and perhaps boldest flavor, this one tastes like a blend of espresso, cream, and butterscotch. This is perfect for those with a perpetual sweet tooth.Brews Brothers Artisan E Liquid Motley Brew
  • Paradise City – This one has a mild pair taste with a hint of cream and mint. Not my favorite, but it is, at least, mildly refreshing.
  • Almost Famous – A mixture of blueberries, praline, and pecans, I actually opted not to try this flavor, the description of flavors just didn’t sit well with me at the time.
  • Froot Fighters – By far my favorite flavor of all, this one tastes like a mixture of melons that melt in your mouth.
  • Grateful Red – My second favorite of the bunch, this one tastes like a tart apple covered in caramel. Yum!
  • Old Fashioned – This one tastes a bit like a Whiskey sour. It’s not for everyone, either you’ll love it or you’ll hate it, is my guess.

High-Quality Mixtures

These products are also very high quality, which is important in the world of vaping. The quality-related features include:

  • They’re hand-crafted in an FDA registered, American lab
  • They’re Diacetyl-free
  • They’re made of Kosher-grade ingredients
  • High-quality ingredients that are crafted specifically to be inhaled
  • Soy-based glycerine
  • FDA-Registered

Old Fashioned Artisan E Liquid  Motley BrewVariety of Nicotine Strengths

Motley Brew E-Juices also come in the following strengths:

  • 0.0% – No Nicotine
  • 0.3% – Drippin’ Level (Perfect for drippers)
  • 0.6% – Ultra Light
  • 1.2% – Light
  • 1.8% – Regular

I did not try all of the strengths, just the ultra light, and light. There is a notable difference, and I’ve decided to stick with the stronger, more potent, light strength. What’s more, since I don’t vape too often, one bottle lasts me nearly two weeks!

The Results Are In

Overall, I was pretty impressed with Motley Brew E-Juice. From a price standpoint, they are fairly competitive. At 21.99$ for a 30ML bottle, they are right in there with some of the other leading craft e-juice brands. A fair price for a quality product. Although I didn’t try all of the flavors, I will likely do so in the near future. Regardless of your personal flavor preferences, or if you already have a preferential brand of E-Juice, this one is certainly worth a try!

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