Marshmallow Breeze – Element E-liquids

Marshmallow Breeze – Element E-liquids

Marshmallow Breeze is a hot, new e-liquid, part of the Far e-liquids line by Element. This is another great flavor that is definitely a contender for all-day vaping if you’re looking for a new favorite. It’s sweet, but it won’t wear out your taste buds.

The Flavor

While the name obviously suggests a sweet marshmallow flavor, the breeze part is a little intriguing. In this case, breeze refers to the cooling sensation of a very light menthol that rounds out the gooey sensation of the marshmallow filling.

Like other products from this line, the menthol is used very conservatively and isn’t overpowering, making it palatable even for people who aren’t a fan of strong menthol flavors. The marshmallow flavor itself is actually more like the whipped marshmallow filling that comes in a bar and isn’t as dry as a whole marshmallow. 

The Mix

Marshmallow Breeze comes in both a 50/50 blend and a 75 percent VG blend. It’s not quite in the MAX VG range, but it’s very close. The high-VG blend tends to be more popular, but some people prefer PG, depending on their device and vaping style. These e-liquids also come in nicotine strengths of zero to six milligrams. 


The Marshmallow Breeze e-liquid produces large clouds. When you first start vaping, the marshmallow flavor is very prominent and it may take a few hits to get a sense of the minty breeze in the background. There tends to be a slightly stronger menthol flavor when dripping (versus when using with vape tanks). However, it’s still an undercurrent and doesn’t detract from the richness of the marshmallow. 

If you’re already a fan of other e-juices in the Far by Element lineup, this one will make a great addition to your collection. For some people it may be a perfect mid-afternoon boost, but it is also mellow enough to make a good all day vape.

Depending on how much menthol you want, you can definitely use this liquid in a few different vaporizers and temperature ranges to get just the right flavor profile. Once you get into your vaping session, the menthol will become a little more pronounced and will carry the marshmallow well. Give it a shot and tell us what you think!

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