Liquid Nation Maple Glaze E-Liquid Review

Liquid Nation Maple Glaze E-Liquid Review

Liquid Nation Maple Glaze

Liquid Nation has a whole new way to experience the flavors of the world. Their vape juice lineup is designed to showcase some of the most characteristic flavors of cultures and people from different countries around the globe. Maple Glaze is the Liquid Nation version of a true North American favorite – strawberry-filled donuts with maple syrup glaze on top. 


When you first take a hit of Maple Glaze you can taste all of the warm, fried-doughy goodness that a fresh donut contains. This warm and full flavor is followed closely by a thick, syrupy-sweet strawberry flavor. It isn’t the bright fruitiness of ripe strawberries like some of the other flavors on the market. Instead it is much closer to the crushed strawberry jam that is used in the center of donuts today.

After the strawberry-donut flavor has filled your mouth, it begins to subside leaving behind that maple-and-brown sugar flavor that is just a little bit sweet but definitely full. The whole experience is remarkable in how closely it captures the flavor of the pastry in full as opposed to just the too-sticky-sweet flavor of some other donut flavors. There are plenty of other custard and crème-filled donut flavors out there, but this one is far more complex and is a much stronger rendition of a high-quality donut. 

Bottle Size and Strength

As always, the Maple Glaze can be purchased in 15- or 30-mL bottles and comes in 0-, 3-, 6- or 12-mg nicotine strengths. It is easily identifiable in its blue-and-white Liquid Nation packaging that makes it stand out from other products on the shelf.

This is really a premium flavor that kind of crosses the line between breakfast time favorites and desserts. All of the warmth of the Maple Glaze and the pastry makes this a great pick for all day vaping because it isn’t quite as rich as the other dessert flavors out there.

Final Thoughts

It performs well at low- and high-power settings, and none of the flavors seem to lose their vivacity even when you are working at reduced power. Each aspect of the flavor is plenty strong enough to hold its own and make an appearance in its own way, creating a strong first hit and then a lingering aftertaste that is just fantastic. 

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