Kanger TOGO Mini Review

Kanger TOGO Mini Review

The Kanger TOGO Mini is here to give you an ultra-portable, streamlined vaping experience. As Kangertech has become a household name, they have certainly pushed the envelope with powerful technologies of all kinds. However, the TOGO Mini is a more practical device designed to meet the needs of beginners and casual vapers alike. 

Kanger TOGO Mini: Micro Sized

It would be unlike Kanger to settle for anything less than the greatest materials available for construction. Thus the Kanger TOGO Mini Starter Kit is built using aluminum-zinc alloy in a soft, durable finish. The fully rounded edges give it a nice appeal that looks comfortable in the hands, and a little less aggressive than some of Kanger’s other models. It is definitely shorter than most other devices from their name. The side cutaway gives you a peak at the 1.9 mL tank so you will know when it’s time to refill.

Real PowerKanger TOGO Mini Vape Starter Kits

Despite the tiny size of the TOGO Mini, the performance of the device is still quite impressive. Kanger did away with screens and adjustments and made this a one-button tool for vapers of any level. They gave us a 1600 mAh battery built in, along with a simple LED indicator for battery life. It is worth noting that they left the airflow adjustment in, so you can still fine-tune your vape to your tastes by adjusting the draw.

You may be concerned that without variable wattage or temperature you’ll be too confined, but for most early-stage vapers this is just the device they need to get comfortable without being overwhelmed.

While it is a low-wattage device, it still produces enough vapor and heat to deliver full clouds with great flavor. It’s a nice mellow vape that doesn’t knock you down, but lets you appreciate the feel of vaping for the very first time. 

Kanger TOGO Mini Vape Starter KitsOverall, Kanger did a good job of showcasing the care and quality they put into all of their products with the TOGO Mini Starter Kit. If you are looking for a vaporizer to buy for someone who doesn’t already vape, or for someone who has always used e-cigarettes, this is a great device to get them working toward something more complex. It’s a pretty hassle-free option with a leak-proof top-fill option and basic USB charging. 

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