Juice Box E-Liquid Review

Juice Box E-Liquid Review

Juice Box E-Liquid

As part of an effort to bring out even more creative e-liquid flavors, the teams at Mad Hatter and One Hit Wonder worked together on this masterpiece. Juice Box is exactly what you would imagine it to be. That tiny cardboard carton containing sweet, organic apple juice has now been brought to life in vapor form. Juice Box e-liquid reminds you of what it was like to be a carefree kid with a yummy drink right there in your hand. 


The best part of Juice Box is that it’s not just any apple juice flavor. It’s like real, freshly pressed red apples. It’s definitely sweet but it also contains that tiny sour note that all fresh apple juice has. Plus, you get just a hint of the rustic earthy tones of the fruit coming straight off the tree at the orchard. 

The Boxjuice-box-vape-juice-and-packaging

Naturally, the exclusive Juice Box e-liquid would not be complete with out that iconic box design. That’s why the artists created a perfect copy of the cardboard carton, covered with tiny trees and brightly lit apples. The package actually contains a massive 180 mL bottle of e-liquid and 2 custom designed unicorn bottles for portability, each capable of holding 15 mL. All in all you are getting a ton of liquid for the $45 price point, making it well worth the investment. 


Juice Box e-liquid is a high VG blend, taking advantage of the natural sweetness to create that comforting, familiar taste. It is unlike other apple flavors, which typically include other fruit blends or caramel of some sort. Instead this is just 100% apple juice and nothing else. It’s refreshing to say the least and it creates an amazingly flavorful cloud through and through. The accuracy with which they executed this flavor is impressive in its own right. In all reality, this may be one of the simplest flavors ever created, but that’s what makes it so surprisingly enticing. No frills, no discovering hidden twists, just a sweet swig of apple juice straight from the box. 

Don’t miss out on this exclusive collaboration from two of the best e-liquid creators in the world. It won’t be here long, and it comes at a tremendous value that can’t be matched anywhere else. 

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