Islander Sun Seeker Review

Islander Sun Seeker Review

Islander Sun Seeker E-liquid

Islander’s Sun Seeker e-liquid is making a splash with a fun tropical twist and a bit of zing. The bulk of the flavor is made up of a skillful mix of fresh melon flavors including cantaloupe, honeydew and other soft fruity tastes.

They provide a refreshing rush on the inhale and you feel like you can taste the juice coming out of the fruit. This mellow fruity flavor is suddenly interrupted by the sharp tang of citrus and pineapple, and maybe just a pinch of cinnamon spice. You can basically feel the beach sand between your toes as you vape. 

The Breakdown

A 70% VG blend; in this case the natural sweetness of the VG lends itself well to the cinnamon and vanilla horchata flavor that lies just beneath the surface of this vape.

It also fits smoothly into the gentle sweetness of the melon flavors. This is definitely a complex flavor that unfolds a little at a time as you vape. You can’t quite pick out any one melon or spice as you go, but you can tell that there is a lot of variety packed into Sun Seeker. 

Vapor Production

From the second you pick up your very first bottle of Islander Sun Seeker, you will notice the quality glass bottle and dropper. It only stands to reason that quality packaging gives way to a quality product on the inside. You won’t be disappointed to find that Sun Seeker is made up of quality ingredients that flow smoothly through any vapor device and provide plenty of big clouds.

Again, this flavor is so complex that you can’t possibly unweave it all at once, but with so much vapor produced, it lingers in the air around you while you ponder all the different aspects of the mix. 

Islander is a fairly new brand on the scene, and this line is part of their very first major release. Right now it is definitely considered a specialty brand and product; however, the $24.95 price point is more than fair for the 60 mL bottle!

If you are looking for something totally new and out of the ordinary to take you back to the warmth of summer, we highly recommend trying Sun Seeker and the other new Islander flavors.  

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