Islander Hula Girl E-liquid Review

Islander Hula Girl E-liquid Review

Hula Girl E-liquid

Islander’s Hula Girl is the next big sensation from this up-and-coming brand. Definitely the most luxurious flavor in their lineup, it features a softly blended combination of bananas and coconut with a dollop of rich, heavy cream.

It’s a smooth, relaxing flavor that stands out from Islander’s other, more punchy fruit flavors. 

Pace Yourself

If there’s one word to describe the flavorful blend of Hula Girl E-liquid, it is “dense.” From the second you take your first hit you can feel the weight of the vapor on your tongue. It doesn’t quite race around your mouth like other flavors. Instead, it billows slowly outward like a cloud.

If it were a beverage, it would be the kind that you sip on all night enjoying every last, thoughtful drop. Even those who would normally shy away from a banana-flavored vape can appreciate the way the banana slightly disrupts the coconut and cream with just a hint of sweetness. 

The Mix

There is a lot to love about Hula Girl from Islander. In keeping with their other e-liquids, this one is also a 70% VG blend. Nevertheless, it is definitely a more neutral, warm flavor than their others.

The gentle sweetness is well rounded and won’t catch you off guard. The texture of the liquid is thick and creamy, which seems to lend itself to fuller, denser clouds as well. This e-liquid in particular performed well at low- and mid-range power settings, as it seems to fill out on its own and doesn’t require as much power to punch through. However, the banana flavor in particular gets an extra little bit of palate time when you turn things up. 

Overall, we think that Hula Girl is a fantastic alternative for people who love the Islander look and feel, but want a mellower flavor for late evenings and relaxation.

This is definitely a more refined, classic taste for those who aren’t fans of crazy fruit flavor blends. The coconut and cream bring it back down to earth. This vape seems perfect for summer sunsets with a loved one. Islander e-liquids have showcased a great range of suitably island-friendly flavors this year, and Hula Girl is a perfect way to round it all out. Once all the fun in the sun is done, you can settle down with this creamy concoction and enjoy your mellow evening. 

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