Have Fun with Colorful VaporFi PRO-L Clearomizer Tank

Have Fun with Colorful VaporFi PRO-L Clearomizer Tank

Reviewing the VaporFi PRO-L Clearomizer Tank

I have always found the main problem with most vaporizers is these devices never seem to bring much color and excitement to the design. In genera, I usually see people using cold, black or steel e-cigs while getting their nicotine fix. While this is fine with some people, I like to show a bit more color and excitement with my vaporizers. That is exactly why I went with the VaporFi PRO-L Clearomizer Tank. With this design system, I had the choice of nearly a dozen different colors. This way, even though it might not be constructed of the same kind of stainless steel as other vaps, I am still able to have a bit of fun while enjoying my electronic cigarette.

Some of the features of the VaporFi PRO-L Clearomizer Tank include:

– 1.5 Ml tank

– Atomizer Resistance 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8 ohm

– Bottom Atomizer

– Color offerings include black, violet, silver, orange, green, red, pink, white, cream and blue

Color SelectionVaporFi PRO-L Clearomizer Tank

Now, the main reason I decided to go with the VaporFi PRO-L Clearomizer Tank is because of the color selection. Every other vaporizer I found either had only two or three colors, or I did not have an option at all. I decided to go with the deep red, almost scarlet color that just seemed to look great. Of course, it also matches the color of my favorite sporting team, so that kind of helped turn the table in the VaporFi PRO-L Clearomizer Tank direction.


It is important to note that the device is constructed out of polycarbonate. This is a sturdy material, although it is not stainless steel, so for anyone looking for stainless steel, they need to continue on elsewhere. The VaporFi PRO-L Clearomizer Tank doesn’t have the largest tank at 1.5 ml. Others are around 1.7 but this does not mean it is terrible. The slightly smaller tank has not hat too much of an affect on me, especially with the inexpensive cost of the tank system.


In total, I have to give the VaporFi PRO-L Clearomizer Tank a 4.5 out of 5. The style and nice design of the tank is something I can’t find everywhere.

Here’s a video on filling the VaporFi PRO-L Clearomizer Tank

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