Halo E-Cigs G6 E-Cig Starter Kit Review

Halo E-Cigs G6 E-Cig Starter Kit Review

Halo E-Cigs G6 Starter Kit

I purchased the Demon Red G6 Starter Kit a while ago, and I have not been disappointed. It is just as beautiful as the case that comes with the kit. Many people usually stop me to admire the elegant, dark-red Halo e-cig and its black satin casing. I think Halo E-cigs changed the vaping game.Halo E-Cigs G6 Starter Kit 'Demon Red'

My kit came with several accessories that include:

  • Two batteries – dark red
  • A 5-pack of cartridges
  • A USB adapter
  • A wall adapter

Both the adapters can recharge the batteries. Just like any other electronic cigarettes, the G6 cartridge screws onto the battery creating a single vaping gadget.

Customized E-cigs

Halo offers many customization options for anyone who desires to order e-cigs from its website. Although I opted for Demon Red, there was an array of splendid e-cigs in various colors. You can get Halo e-cigs in different colors such as black, pink, green, purple, blue, and more. Each flavor is available in a variety of nicotine strengths ranging from 06 mg to 24 mg.

Cartridges come in various flavors such as:

  • Cocoa
  • Menthol
  • Turkish tobacco

Halo E-cigs Turkish Tobacco Cartomizers

Why Choose Halo G6 E-Cigs?

I had the option choose the type of battery that I wanted.  The batteries are available in sizes of 65 mm and 78 mm. As I am a frequent vaper, I desired a larger battery so that I would not have to charge it often. Automatic batteries are also available – where the vape hits are controlled entirely by the e-cig. Experienced vapers may, however, prefer manual batteries because it allows for more control over the vaping experience through a button on its side.

Final Thoughts on Halo

Above all, Halo has a user-friendly, and customer-oriented website. It has one of the best sites I’ve tried for ordering e-cigarettes. I have purchased from the site severally, and shipping is always fast. I care about my vaping experience, taste, design, as well as the ability to get my e-cig gear when I want. These are the factors I considered before settling for Halo as my perfect e-cig choice. Halo has got every vaper covered on every one of them. Anyone that is new to vaping but has not yet upgraded to DIY kits and rebuild-able atomizers must consider Halo e-cigs. Trust me they are an excellent choice!

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