Frosted Nilla Nade E-Liquid Review

Frosted Nilla Nade E-Liquid Review

Frosted Nilla

One of the newest flavors on the vape market is Frosted Nilla Nade by the Frosted Vape Company. As the box says, this ice cold e-liquid takes the flavor of a lemonade milkshake and puts it into an e-juice.

The Taste

When you experience Frosted Nilla Nade, you will taste ice cold milk, vanilla ice cream and of course, lemonade. What could be better on a hot summer day? This is not just an all-day vape, it is an all-summer vape!

Frosted Nilla Nade has a creamy taste. If you love lemonade, this flavor will not disappoint. While the citrus is not overpowering, you definitely know that you are tasting lemons. Some e-liquids give you a watered down version of lemonade, with just a hint of citrus. Not Frosted Vape! Their e-liquid produces a velvety vanilla milkshake taste that is imbued with tart lemonade flavor.

If you enjoyed frosted lemonade on warm summer days when you were growing up, this e-juice will bring back memories. It is a “must try” and you will love it. The flavor will take you back, and take your breath away. Frosted Nilla Nade is an immediate favorite – it is sweet and tart all at once, a flavorful, invigorating mix that will have you coming back for more. Frosted Nilla Nade: Not a milkshake, not a soft drink, but as refreshing as either one. You get all of the flavors without suffering from that annoying brain freeze!

Multiple Concentrations

Frosted Vape Company’s vape juice comes in 30 milliliter bottles, at two different concentrations. Try it in either 6-milligrams or 3-milligrams of nicotine. It retails for around $15 to $18. This is my new favorite flavor, inspired by one of my favorite frozen treats! Try it today, you will not be disappointed.

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