EverSmoke Pro E-Cig Starter Kit Review

EverSmoke Pro E-Cig Starter Kit Review

Reviewing the EverSmoke Pro Starter Kit

EverSmoke E-Cig Pro Starter Kit is a great way to make your first step into the electronic cigarette world. EverSmoke is known for its quality products.

EverSmoke Pro Starter KitEverSmoke Pro Starter Kit

EverSmoke is a popular brand of electronic cigarettes in today’s market. How does the EverSmoke e-cig hold up when it comes to its features? We will cover all these aspects in this review, so let’s get started!

  • Design & Vapor: This EverSmoke e-cig looks like a real cigarette, and has its branding on the filter(cartridge) and the body of the e-cig(battery). When you take a drag off this e-cig, it relates to that of a cigarette where it isn’t hard to draw e-smoke(vapor). The flow intake is that like a real cigarette and gives you a smooth drag with a lot of vapor.
  • Batteries: The high-capacity battery is a much better battery than the standard lithium battery. My only complaint is that there aren’t two high lithium batteries. The high-capacity battery lasted all day where this would be good for someone who was used to smoking a pack a day. It’s nice that EverSmoke put in the various charging units where I tend to smoke at my computer as well as in my car, and they provided chargers that cover both places. The battery comes in manual or automatic. I tried one of each and found that when you use the automatic it feels more like a real cigarette versus manual where you have to hold down the button.
  • Cartridges & Flavors: The cartridge is where all the flavor is in your e-cig, and it’s up to you to try out a flavor you think is right for you. They have about ten flavors to try, and I tried their cool menthol flavor which tasted like a Newport. You will want to make sure you choose a stronger nicotine strength if you are a heavier smoker.  The cartridges are also packed well, so you get that flavor all day. I found that a cartridge lasts most of the day before you need a new one.
  • Price: The Pro starter kit costs $79.99 which a fair deal for everything they give you. The cartridges are in the range of the two dollar range. It beats the price of a pack of smokes.

Watch this helpful video for the EverSmoke Pro Starter Kit

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