EverSmoke Golden Tobacco Flavor Cartridges: A Review

EverSmoke Golden Tobacco Flavor Cartridges: A Review

EverSmoke Golden Tobacco Flavor Cartridges

One thing I love about electronic cigarettes is the sheer array of flavors available. You can get flavor cartridges in all manner of tastes and flavors. However, sometimes I just want a good old fashioned smoke. In that respect I really enjoy Golden Tobacco flavor cartridges when I’m in the mood for something a bit more back to basics. However, taste being what it is not everyone will enjoy them as much as I do. For the purposes of this review I’m going to lay out some pros and a con and you can decide if you’d enjoy Golden Tobacco.EverSmoke Golden Tobacco Cartridges


I’m going to lead off with the things I enjoyed most about EverSmoke Golden Tobacco flavor cartridges  and why I’m a continued fan of their products.

  • First off the flavor is excellent. If I had to describe it I’d say its just a smooth tobacco taste with just the right amount of balance and a bit of sweetness to it. If you’re thinking cigarette taste this would come to mind pretty quickly.
  • Another thing I like is the strength level is customizable. Meaning I can order Golden Tobacco flavor cartridges in light, regular, or the equivalent of unfiltered. I tried a couple of strength levels to see what I liked and found full flavored to be to my liking. That being said the weaker and stronger strength levels all have the same smooth taste


Everything has its downside because nothing is perfect. This isn’t a deal breaker in my book but it may be for you so keep them in mind before buying.

  • The finish is a bit dry and with a hint of ash. A lot of cartridges have an aftertaste added to them. This is often something like fruit or coffee and the like. The Golden Tobacco flavor cartridges don’t have that. This goes back to it being like a real cigarette. Some people like that others don’t care for it. If you’re used to real cigarettes like I am it shouldn’t bug you too much, but be aware.


To conclude in my estimation the EverSmoke Golden Tobacco flavor cartridges are a good purchase if you’re looking for a back to basics e-cig flavor that tastes like traditional tobacco cigarettes.


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