EverSmoke Cool Menthol Flavor Cartridge offers pleasing mint flavor to E-Cig users

EverSmoke Cool Menthol Flavor Cartridge offers pleasing mint flavor to E-Cig users

EverSmoke Cool Menthol Cartridge Delivers Full Flavor Experience

Traditional menthol cigarette smokers looking for an e-cig that offers the same taste and feel will love EverSmoke Cool Menthol Cartridges. The cool minty taste is refreshingly smooth making this the perfect choice for smokers searching for a realistic menthol replacement.

The Takeaway

  • EverSmoke cool menthol cartridges offer a realistic menthol experience
  • Save big bucks when switching to cartridges from traditional cigarettes
  • Comes in a variety of nicotine levels to match every smokers’ needs
  • Great customer service means customers get their cartridges delivered right away

Eversmoke Cool Menthol Cartridges

Choose The Nicotine Strength Right For You

All of the cartridges made by EverSmoke come in four different nicotine levels. That means that e-cig smokers can choose the cool menthol cartridges at the nicotine level that’s right for them depending on the type of tobacco products they prefer. For the pleasure of smoking without the nicotine, there are even cartridges available that deliver a nicotine-free full flavor experience.

Heavy smokers will find the most satisfaction out of the bold or full flavored varieties. The lighter smokers may enjoy the light and ultra light cartridges. All of the cartridges offer a full flavor experience. These EverSmoke cartridges taste great no matter which level of nicotine they come in right to the very last pull.

Save Big With Cool Menthol Cartridges

The best part about using EverSmoke’s cool menthol cartridges is they pack in a ton of flavor while saving big over the long run over purchasing traditional menthol cigarettes. Each cartridge contains the equivalent of a whole pack of traditional cigarettes, but for a fraction of the cost. When purchasing cartridges in bulk the cost comes out to only $2.66 per cartridge!

Plus these cool menthol cartridges never lose their flavor. Each puff right up to the last gives off that cool mint taste. Smokers never have to waste a cigarette again either. Put the e-cig down at any time without having to stub it out or let it burn all the way out. No more half smoked cigarettes means even more savings because there’s no running out to the store to get another pack while the ashtray is full of half smoked butts.

Receiving the Product

Ordering with EverSmoke is easy. The delivery of their products is fast and the customer service is friendly.

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