Enjoy the Smooth and Delicious VaporFi Tobaccolicious Flavor E-liquid

Enjoy the Smooth and Delicious VaporFi Tobaccolicious Flavor E-liquid

VaporFi Tobaccolicious Flavor E-liquid Review

I’ll be the first to admit I have a bit of a sweet tooth. If there is cake, pie ice-cream or really anything else like that around I’m all over it. Now, this never proved to be a problem, at least until I hit my 30s. That’s when it really started to hit me. I knew I needed to make a change in my diet, but giving up my sweets is just so hard. That is why I decided to try out the VaporFi Tobaccolicious Flavor E-liquid, and I must say, I’m so glad I did. While it isn’t exactly the same as eating a bowl of vanilla and caramel ice cream, it does replicate the taste in an amazing way, and now, instead of eating a few hundred calories of pie after dinner, I enjoy this calorie free desert vaporizer and feel just as satisfied.

Some of the benefits of the VaporFi Tobaccolicious Flavor E-liquid include:

  • Made in the US and is FDA Registered
  • 2 Different Blend Options
  • Diacetyl FreeVaporFi Tobaccolicious E-liquid

 Made in the US and is FDA Registered

The VaporFi Tobaccolicious Flavor E-liquid is held to the highest quality standard as it is designed inside of the United States by biochemists and culinary artists in order to make sure it has the very best flavor possible. Plus, the formula is on file inside the FDA. This way, the FDA knows exactly what is used inside of the ingredients and that everything is of a quality product that is safe.

2 Different Blend Options

There are different different blend options for when I select the VaporFi Tobaccolicious Flavor E-liquid. I tend to go just with the 50/50 of PG and VG. However, it is possible to also purchase a 70/30 of PG and VG. It really just depends on if someone else would like the variations to be different. I like mine right down the middle.

VaporFi E-liquid

Diacetyl Free

The VaporFi Tobaccolicious Flavor E-liquid doesn’t have any sort of fake butter used inside the creation of the e-liquid, so anyone who is allergic to this kind of a material doesn’t need to worry.

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