Enjoy the Cool and Refreshing Taste of VaporFi Ricco’s Paradise E-Liquid

Enjoy the Cool and Refreshing Taste of VaporFi Ricco’s Paradise E-Liquid

VaporFi Ricco’s Paradise E-Liquid Review

One of the reasons I love using a vaporizer is the access to a wide selection of quality flavors. These aren’t the flavors of those old cigarettes that just taste like the cherry medicine I use to take as a child. Many of the flavors taste just like the real thing, so experimenting with available options and new selections is always fun. One such option is the VaporFi Ricco’s Paradise E-Liquid. With a smooth and refreshing blend, it is unlike anything else I’ve tried and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a hint of sweet and a lot of smooth.

Some of the benefits associated with VaporFi Ricco’s Paradise E-Liquid include:

  • Exceptional Flavor Notes
  • Different Nicotine Levels
  • Several Blend OptionsVaporFi Ricco's Paradise E-Liquid

Exceptional Flavor Notes

There are several flavor notes built right into the VaporFi Ricco’s Paradise E-Liquid. It is made form pear, lemon and vanilla. The pear and lemon provide this cool, refreshing flavor as it is almost like a relaxing Italian ice that I like to enjoy on a summer day. The smoothness of the vanilla than comes it and melds perfectly with the other two flavors. Nothing is overpowering and it is possible to find a hint of all the flavors with every puff on the vaporizer. I feel as if I’m in paradise every single time I enjoy it.

Different Nicotine Levels

There are different nicotine levels available with the VaporFi Ricco’s Paradise E-Liquid, so everyone can find one that delivers on their desired nicotine requirement. It is possible to start with a nicotine free option, for those people who just want to enjoy the flavor, while it moves up in .6 mg levels, all the way to 3.6 milligrams of nicotine. I usually go with 1.2, so there is a hit, but nothing too powerful. For heavier smokers looking for a strong nicotine e-liquid though, the higher amounts are beneficial.

VaporFi E-liquid

Several Blend Options

The VaporFi Ricco’s Paradise E-Liquid is made up of several blends that anyone can order. There is the standard 70% PG and 30% VG to an even 50/50 split between both PG and VG.

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