Enjoy Quality Green Smoke Flavormax Cartridges

Enjoy Quality Green Smoke Flavormax Cartridges

Green Smoke Flavormax Cartridges Review

One of the main benefits of switching to a vaporizer is the ability to change up the flavors rather easily. With the Green Smoke Flavormax Cartridge flavors, I have found some truly exceptional options, none of which are terribly sweet or go over the top with the imitation flavoring. There are far too many liquid tobaccos out there that are just to sweet for my taste. while I know some people like this kind of flavor, it is not for me. That is exactly why I look towards the Green Smoke Flavormax Cartridge flavors as my go to e-cigarette experience.

Green Smoke Tobacco GoldTobacco Flavors

Whenever buying the different Green Smoke Flavormax Cartridge flavors, each package comes with a specific description for what to expect, which helps me pick out the right option for my particular need. In terms of a traditional tobacco flavor, there is the Red Label Tobacco, which provides a smooth and mild flavor, plus the Absolute Tobacco, which features more of an aromatic and woody flavoring. The company also sells a Tobacco Gold, which is a rich flavor and a bit on the sweeter side, plus a menthol offering. I never enjoyed menthol cigarettes, so I usually do not go with this flavor, but it is around for those who do.

Green Smoke Flavormax Cartridges Vanilla DreamsNon-Tobacco Flavors

In terms of non-tobacco flavors, there are several different Green Smoke Flavormax Cartridges available. For the coffee enthusiast, the Mocha Mist is a nice option, as to is the Vanilla Dream. The last two flavor options come down to the Smooth Chocolate and the Mountain Clove. I really feel like Mountain Clove just tastes like the holidays. It features a nice plant of cloves and cinnamon, so I can almost feel the holiday season approach whenever I enjoy one of these. This flavor is about as sweet as I get, but it does not have the overly sugar flavor that is found in other, sweeter flavors.

Conclusion Green Smoke Flavormax Cartridges

Whenever I recommend a particular flavor of liquid smokes, I always go with the Green Smoke Flavormax Cartridge flavors. I just feel these are high quality and provide an exceptional taste, no matter the flavor.

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