Enjoy Coffee Anytime with the VaporBoost Paradise Coffee E-Liquid Flavor

Enjoy Coffee Anytime with the VaporBoost Paradise Coffee E-Liquid Flavor

VaporBoost Paradise Coffee E-Liquid Flavor Review

I’d like to think I’m like most people who enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning before work and then maybe a few times throughout the day. However, I’ll admit that some times I really just want the flavor, yet I could do without the caffeine. There is other times where I just don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or traffic is so hectic that I really wouldn’t want to try merging lanes with one hand on the wheel and another hand on my cup. Thankfully though I no longer need to worry about this at all as I can enjoy the VaporBoost Paradise Coffee E-Liquid Flavor. This bold and creamy flavored e-liquid flavor is a must for anyone who enjoys coffee. VaporBoost Paradise Coffee E-Liquid

Some of the nicotine levels available for the coffee flavor include:

– 0 mg

– 6 mg

– 12 mg

– 18 mg

– 24 mg

Nicotine Strength

Now, it is nice to be able to select from different nicotine levels in my flavor. I know when I first wake up and around midday through work I can really use something strong, yet before a meal or right before bed I tend to go with something a bit lighter. That is why I have the VaporBoost Paradise Coffee E-Liquid Flavor in both the 18 and 6 mg levels. I really enjoy being able to swap in different strengths depending on my mood, and all the while the flavor is exactly the same so I don’t need to worry about any different flavors simply because I am changing the level of nicotine.

The Flavor

In terms of the flavor makeup of the coffee, it has truly a strong, desirable flavor that does taste like the real thing. It has hints of vanilla under the bold and creamy coffee flavor. It also has excellent vapor, so not only can I taste the coffee, but I can smell it as I exhale. The flavor has a nice throat hit and it has an excellent level of sweetness, but not over the top and it does not take fake either. The lingering aroma and taste that remains around me after I finish a puff is satisfying to me.

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