Enjoy A Subtle Taste Of Vanilla

Enjoy A Subtle Taste Of Vanilla

VaporFi Express Very Vanilla Cartridges Review

My vaping experience began two years ago, when my girlfriend and I decided to ditch our pack a day habit in favor of something healthier and cheaper. I spent the next 18 months trying various blends and flavors, desperately trying to find a balance between the nicotine my body craved and a taste I could handle. At long last I discovered VaporFi’s Very Vanilla Cartridges, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

ProsVaporFi Express Very Vanilla Cartridges

  • Taste: For me, vape flavors tend to fall into one of four categories. The first kind are those that are barely above motor oil in smell and taste. The manufacturer was clearly trying to make a natural tobacco product, but wound up making something akin to sludge. Second, are the fruity flavors that are sweet smelling and taste great…for about two puffs. After that, you feel like you are vaping a jar potpourri. Third you have the funky flavors, like River Mud. These tend to be apt descriptions, and you hate yourself a little bit for thinking giving it a try was a good idea. Finally, there is a small group of flavors that you actually want to use, and Very Vanilla is one of those. The flavor is subtle, but noticeable and never overpowering.
  • Cost: At less than $3 per cartridge, you get upwards of five pre-filled cartridges for your vaporizer. Though not the cheapest cartridges, the quality of the product justifies the extra expense.
  • Vaporization: Some cartridges require you to suck on them until your cheeks feel like they are going to collapse, just to get a satisfying drag. These cartridges allow for smooth and pain free inhalation.


  • Strength: The only issue I have is with the strength of the cartridge. Their selection of strengths, from Bold to no nicotine, satisfies most consumers, but I’d like to see a medium blend, sitting between the full flavor and light, for just a little more punch in my vape.


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